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We need about 10,000 golf balls a year to donate $5,000 to My Friend's House.  So we can always use more.  More golf balls equals more help for the women and their children who are being helped by My Friend's House.

If you have a knack for finding lost golf balls; if you have a bucket or a stash in your garage, attic, or garden shed; if you work at a golf course and don't know where to store any more golf balls, we are the answer.  Give us a call and we will make arrangements to accept your donation!


If you would like to make a cash donation or become an ongoing contributor to My Friend's House, please click here to be redirected to their donation page. 


Golf Ball Lady has no commercial interest in My Friend's House and vice versa.  Golf Ball Lady is a volunteer organization operated independent of My Friend's House that raises funds through the sale of
RECLAIMED GOLF BALLS donated by members of the community. 


An annual cash donation is made to My Friend's House by Golf Ball Lady on behalf of the many people who make this donation a possibility. 

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